“Mathematics Through Time”

L to R: Kaylee Clemons, Abbey Turner, Kennedy Mullins, Abi Hudson, McKenzie Robertson

Students in Mr. Napier’s 8th grade math classes have been learning about math through a historical perspective.  Each learning unit is themed around a decade.  Student class work is connected to events of historical significance that occurred during that specific decade.  We also have a song of the day that plays while students are entering the classroom and completing bell work that spotlights an important musician or band from that decade.


The students have really enjoyed learning this way.  It allows them to build an emotional connection to the math.  Most of the songs that are played have a lyric or title that directly relates to the math lesson for the day.  They also get to learn a little bit about modern U.S. history as we look at math in relation to major events. 


The students love getting to hear the song of the day and learning about new artists that were making music long before they were born.  They often listen to the songs very closely to try to figure out what the connection to the daily lesson is going to be.  I hope that they use that emotional connection to the music and history to help them remember mathematical concepts that we learn each day. 


So far students have traveled through the 1950s and they are currently working their way through the 1960s.  They are always excited when we switch decades and they try to learn about the happenings of that decade before we begin.  We are very excited to travel with the students on these adventures and we look forward to future visits to the past!

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