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BHS Digital Art

Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly
by A. Smith


First, I start by printing out the reference photo and keeping it by my laptop. I use a MacBook Pro with Adobe Photoshop Elements 8. I start by doing a touch outline, basicllt...just marking off where the eyes and other features would be. After that, I go back and open a new layer and make the outline a lot more clear. When the outline is done, I fill in the whole skin area with one solid color, the hair with one solid color, and the clothing with one solid color, but each on different layers, and very roughly. When that's done, I'll go back on each layer and erase any mistakes where the colors may have overlapped. To create the shading, I'll just go in where there is supposed to be shading and use a darker color with a low opacity and slowly build it up. To create the textures of the hair and such, I use a variety of different brush styles and tones to make it look more realistic.