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1.  First of all, we had to come up with a topic for our project.  Since there has been a lot of reports of bullying in the media lately, we decided to focus on bullying.

2.  Working together as a group, we came up with a list of questions to ask students about bullying and the effect bullying has on people.

3.  We researched different types of bullying at .

4.  We recorded students answering our questions using a Cannon Rebel T5.  

5.  After recording student responses, we used iMovie to create our multimedia project using the video clips, text from facts obtained from, and music from (after we obtained permission to use it in our project and a school license so that we would NOT be violating copyright laws).  We used text, transitions, video, and music to make a true multimedia project.

6.  We saved our project and uploaded it to YouTube.

7.  We embedded our video into the school website so that it could be viewed by the school and community.

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