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It is the philosophy of Family and Consumer Sciences to improve the quality of life by encouraging independent and critical thinking skills, developing competencies to make intelligent choices, and applying learning principles to new situations.  Family and Consumer Sciences seeks to empower students to function effectively and maintain meaningful lives by teaching them to manage the challenges of living and working in a diverse society.

The Family and Consumer Science department provides both male and female students with skills and competencies that will help them become well-rounded and self-sufficient adults.  The department offers courses in four areas.  The first area, Food and Nutrition, covers nutrition across the life span.  Food preparation is prepared in a laboratory-based environment.  The second area, FACS Life Skills, focuses on understanding the individual and relationships with others.  Some of the topics are:  self-esteem, peer pressure, communication skills, decision-making, and dating and marriage.  The third area, Child Development Services, trains students to become teacher's assistants by combining learning theories with up-to-date teaching methods.  The fourth area, Fashion and Interior Design, encourages students to use their talents and creativity to design sewing projects for wardrobes and home interiors.

Belief Statements:
  • FACS believes in teaching the importance of family.
  • FACS believes in helping students discover and develop their own values, goals, and beliefs necessary to balance family and work lives.
  • FACS feels that everyone needs practical living skills for a successful family life and for work outside the family.
  • FACS prepares students with knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed for success in the workplace.
  • FACS believes in helping students appreciate human worth and accepting responsibility for one's actions.
  • FACS prepares students to use critical and creative thinking skills to address problems in diverse family, community and work environments.
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