The Mad Man Visits Ms. Adams’ Class

Ms. Adams definitely had everyone’s attention for this lesson.
For the past few weeks, students in Miss Adams’s 8th grade reading classes have been involved in a multitude of activities. Throughout September, students were engaged in reading Lois Lowry’s futuristic novel The Giver. Students have also read numerous books independently and recently presented projects based on their readings. For the month of October, students are enjoying “tales of the mysterious and spooky” in celebration of Halloween. As an introductory activity for the “Tell Tale Heart,” students heard a dramatic monologue from the “madman.”
Student thoughts on The Giver :
“I liked the idea of getting rid of major emotions and how they present the idea that memories hold knowledge and emotions. I dislike the giver and receiver idea even though without it, the story wouldn’t be the same.” – Chase Robertson
“I truly can’t pick one certain thing that I like, because I like the whole book. I loved how the book was different from anything I’ve ever read. I loved the part in chapter 13 where Jonas tells the giver it’s not fair that he can’t keep the colors, and that he’d like to be able to choose in the morning what to wear. He things it’s silly, but the giver understands and says ‘it’s the choosing that’s important, isn’t it?’” – Hailey O’Hair
“I like The Giver because of all the mystery this book entails. It shows us of a world without pain, war, or love. And also because the end of the book lets you predict your own ending.” – William Deaton
“I liked The Giver, and the thing I liked about it was the strangeness of their community. How they were so organized, but Jonas reveals secrets and he realizes how bad their community actually is.” – Carissa Hatton
“I liked the book The Giver because of all the weird things the communities did. I compared it to ours today to see the differences and similarities” – Ronni Bennett
“What I liked about the book was that it always kept you thinking. It’s filled with questions and the answers are shocking.” – Marissa Noble
“My favorite part of The Giver is when Jonas and Gabe escape their town. I like this part because, to me, it shows that Jonas is very brave and cares a lot for Gabe. I think it also shows that the Giver wants better living conditions for future people.” – Courtney McKnight
“I liked The Giver because it’s a good book that shows how privileged we really are that we can see colors, hear music, and feel love.” – Kaycee Riddle
“I loved it. It kept adding more detail to figure out what’s going to happen next and it kept you guessing.” – Kasey Young
“What I liked about it was that it always kept me thinking about what will happen. I enjoyed this book, it was very catchy.” – Nathan Campbell
“The book was an amazing book. It was very detailed and described a community that is perfect. However, it also describes Jonas’s life there and how strict the rules are. Also it has several interesting things happen like only Jonas seeing colors and becoming the Giver. It was just an amazing and suspenseful book.” – Brianna Turner
“The good point is everybody knew that they would have something to do when they got old enough. The bad point is that someone had to pick that job for you.” -- Robert Crank 
“The Giver was explosive with details that kept me interested in the story.” – Luke Chaney
“I liked that The Giver was odd and unusual, but there were still things that you could relate to.” – Deana Spencer
“I liked how different The Giver was from other books. I also enjoyed how determined Jonas is to protect Gabe and how much he wants his friends to feel what he feels. I like how much the people in his community try to make a perfect world.” – Megan Stamper
“I like the Giver because it had good characters. And the word “release” – I did not know what the word meant in The Giver because I thought it meant to let someone go but now I know that it means to kill someone.” – Jimmy Cockerham
“The Giver’s story line really catches you off guard and throws you off that that’s what I like about the story.” -- Jacob Baker
“What I like about The Giver is it’s a perfect world, everything is under control. Every person is assigned a role in the community. As Jonas turns 12 he is assigned to receiver; the giver holds the memories of everything.” – Kyle Brewer.
“I liked how the way it was written pushed you thin think harder to grasp the concept.” – Savannah O’Neill
“I like how Jonas fights to do everything right.” – Sarah Watts
“I really like this book because you never know what is going to happen next.” -- Danielle Conner
“Yes, I liked this book. It was very interesting and when we were reading it in class, it was like I didn’t want to stop; I wanted to see what was going to happen next.” – Chanda Hall
“I liked this book because it is very interesting and at the end, you have to make a prediction of what happens. It was a really great book.” – Jordon Turner
“I liked the book because it got my attention even on the first chapter and I had my mind on it all day.” – Beth McIntosh
“I loved this book because of the suspense and the wonder of what will happen next.” Jordan Gross
“I liked The Giver a lot….mainly because I have never read a fantasy book this… this different. It really opens your eves to how it would be if the world was actually perfect. People need to be thankful. – Brittany Miller
“I like The Giver mainly because it helped me see that if everyone was all the same it would be boring.” -- Stephanie Chapman.
“The Giver starts off very dull and confusing, but slowly moves to a more exciting and suspenseful book with a satisfying ending.” – Joseph Pottorf
“I liked everything about this book and I would love to read it again. Every part is so detailed. It’s hard for me to pick my favorite parts but it would have to be Jonas watching the video of his dad killing a baby and then Jonas and Gabe escaping.” – Michaela Southwood
“The Giver book was very interesting. I liked the book. It had many twists and turns. This book always had something new happening every time I read it.” – Kristen Johnson

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