When Red Lights are Flashing! Please Don't Be Passing! Welcome back to school!! School bus danger zone

Transportation Director
Anthony Mullins
Transportation Director



Welcome to the website of  Breathitt County School District's Transportation Department.  We are dedicated to providing a safe environment for all our students and staff. Everyone in our community plays in interval part in making sure our students and staff our safe on the highways. When the red lights are flashing, please don't be passing our school buses. Many students' school day begins and ends on the school bus.  With this in mind, all members of the transportation team focus on supporting students' achievement and serving students and their families. We want them to enjoy their trip to and from school each day. If you ever have an concerns feel free to reach out to us. 

Anthony Mullins,
Transportation Director


Contact Information
2306 Bobcat Lane
Jackson, KY 41339




Transportation Staff Directory
Transportation Garage Staff
Jalen Banks Linville Barnett Scottie Spicer Obie Stewart
Jalen Banks
State Certified School Bus Inspector/Mechanic
Linville Barnett 
State Certified School Bus Inspector/Mechanic
Scottie Spicer
State Certified School Bus Inspector/Mechanic
Driver Trainer/3rd Party Examiner
Obie Stewart
State Certified School Bus Inspector/Mechanic
Kaylia Banks      

Kaylia Banks
Bus Driver

School Bus Drivers
stevens Kaylia Banks Linville Barnett James Barrett
Lloyd Cole
Bus # 1302
Kaylia Banks
Bus # 211
Linville Barnett
Bus # 1701
James Barrett  
Bus #1333
Letcher Belcher Stanley Branson Yawnie Burton stevens
Letcher Belcher
Bus # 1336
Stanley Branson
Bus #1602
Yawnie Burton
Bus #1301
Robert Stamper
Bus #1321
Josh Combs Harlan Day Darren Fisher David Fletcher
Josh Combs
Bus # 1302
Harlan Day
Bus #1324
Darren Fisher
Substitute Driver
David Fetcher
Bus #27
Bobby Fraley Bess Gross William McIntosh stevens
Bobby Fraley
Bus #202
Bess Gross
Bus #1702
William McIntosh
Bus #60
Patrick Riley
Bus #1502
Russell Morgan Jill Neace Henry Noble Gregory Snowden
Russell Morgan
Bus #191
Jill Neace
Substitute Driver
Henry Noble
Bus #1303
Gregory Snowden
Bus # 1501
Daniel Speas Scott Spencer Justin Turner Anthony Valliencourt
Daniel Speas
Bus #1403
Scott Spencer
Bus #201
Justin Turner
Bus #1703
Anthony Valliencourt
Bus #44
Garland Davis Doug Gross David Haddix Charles Fugate
Garland Davis
Substitute Driver
Doug Gross
Substitute Driver
David Haddix
Substitute Driver
Charles Fugate
Bus #1401
stevens stevens stevens stevens

Paul Stevens
Bus #1601

Andrew Turner
Bus #30
Kyle Bellamy
Substitute Driver
Daniel Combs
Substitute Driver