Breathitt County Schools - Exemplary Practice

Cash Balances

Breathitt County Schools - Exemplary Practice

One of the practices of which we are most proud is the continuous improvement process the Breathitt County School district has utilized to improve the financial state of the district.  As a part of this process, detailed and frequent budget development and review meetings occur throughout the year at the district, school, and department levels. This process ensures that all entities are fiscally responsible and make data-based decisions that are in the best interest of students.  This process has allowed the district to achieve a 10%+ contingency despite a loss in enrollment and without any loss of programs or resources for students. Our community responded to this show of fiscal responsibility by passing the nickel tax.



Open discussions regarding finances and school/district needs have allowed the district to leverage funds to provide the following additional supports for students and teachers:


  • $270,000 of curriculum materials and professional development for Reading and Math district-wide, including Wit & Wisdom curriculum resources for ELA and Eureka Math resources for Math.  The purchase included over 10,000 diverse, authentic texts for student use, teacher materials, and access to digital resources for 5 years.  

  • A full time Curriculum Specialist position to provide additional support for teachers in curriculum, instruction, and assessment

  • A full time Literacy Specialist to provide coaching and support for literacy instruction that promotes reading, writing, speaking and listening in all content areas

  • A full time Special Education Liaison to provide additional support to teachers of students with disabilities

  • A sustained 1:1 initiative district-wide

  • One new bus (purchased in full using general funds)

  • Upgrades to the BHS gymnasium, including adding a breakfast dining area for students and revitalizing the floor and bleachers


Because of the success of this systematic approach to finances, the district has begun implementing similar processes in other departments as well.  The impact of these processes has been (and continues to be) an improved learning environment for all students and teachers and a continued focus on making student-centered, data-driven decisions.

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