School Smiles and UNITE Offer Programs at BHS


On February 14 and 15, Breathitt High will have two wonderful opportunities for our students.

Breathitt High School Youth Service Center and Staff are glad to work with School Smiles. School Smiles and its partners are national providers of on-site dental healthcare services for children, adults, service men and women and senior citizens throughout the country. School Smiles is a comprehensive dental program servicing school systems and children of all grade levels (PreK-12).

The School Smiles mission is to help improve both the overall oral health of children, as well as their educational experience by providing convenient and reliable dental services to students while at school within a safe and pleasant environment. BHS YSC and School Smiles will serve over 300 students this year. Keep smiling Breathitt County.

Breathitt High School will also host “On The Move!”  a drug education and prevention initiative. The five-component program is provided FREE to schools – through a partnership with the Kentucky Army National Guard – targeting students in 7th and 10th grades. Program instruction is aligned with the Kentucky Core Content areas of Practical Living and Health.

Interactive Mobile Classroom

This one-of-a-kind classroom educates students about drugs and their effects.  This data is provided to host schools to determine specific needs of their student population.

Simulated Impaired Driving Experience (SIDNE)

Utilizes a battery-powered go-kart, operated by a UNITE staff member, to simulate the effects of distraction and impairment from alcohol and other drugs on a motorist’s driving skill. Students receive a debriefing on their experience.

Fatal Vision Tri-cycle Course

Students wear impaired-driving goggles while attempting to navigate a tri-cycle through a defined course.

The Choice Is Yours

A face-to-face small group discussion about making the right decisions, and how the positive benefits from making good choices outweigh the consequences of bad choices.

Fatal Vision Marijuana Simulation Experience

Students are given an evidence-based experience of cognitive impairment associated with recreational marijuana use. Special goggles demonstrate a student’s susceptibility to this impairment and the potential consequences (severity) that may occur.

Breathitt High School is happy to have UNITE  'On The Move"  presented to  our students .



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