County Champs

2021 County Champs

    Congratulations to out MRC Redskins as they have completed an undefeated season and are back to back county champions!! Coaches Jason Fugate and Glenn Combs have built a successful program at MRC, starting with fundamentals when the current sixth grade class was only first graders. New editions to the team along the way have contributed to the success the team has had. This group has  gone undefeated three years in a row against county teams on their way to consecutive championships (1 B-team and 2 A-Team).  We are very proud of their accomplishments.  It was a difficult season with starting and stopping, as well as having so few games to play due to Covid, but this team still excelled. 

    We want to say thank you to the sixth grade class and wish them the best of luck in the future. For the rest of the team coming back, we hope they continue to work hard so they can add to what has definitely been a great three year run.



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