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Breathitt Co. School District Receives SFCC Grant


On June 2, the Breathitt County School district was notified that, in accordance with HB405 of the 2021 General Assembly, the School Facilities Construction Commission has been authorized to make a grant to Breathitt County Schools in the amount of $9,600,572.  The funds are to be used only for construction, repair, or renovation of the following facilities that were damaged by flooding in February of this year.

  • Breathitt County Area Technology Center

    • $6,896,172

  • Breathitt County Bobcat Den (Fieldhouse)

    • $1,760,000

  • Breathitt County Training Facility

    • $456,000

  • Breathitt County High School Coliseum Art Room

    • $488,400


The SFCC projects these funds will be available to the district by July 15, 2021.

Upon receiving the grant notification, Superintendent Phillip Watts stated, “In the aftermath of the flooding that devastated our community in February, we immediately began discussions of how we would ever be able to restore our campus.  Our local board of education began advocating on day one on behalf of our students, and as a result, the outpouring of help and support that we have received has been instrumental in the rebuilding process.  We are humbled and blessed by the support we have received from the General Assembly and School Facilities Construction Commission and by the hard work and dedication of our employees who completed the documentation and application process.  This grant will help address our district’s need to construct, repair, and renovate these facilities that will be used by our students every day.  We cannot thank everyone involved enough for this opportunity to create better learning environments for our students.”  

Board Chairperson Ruschelle Hamilton added, “‘Success is no accident.  It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all, love of what you are doing.’ (Pele)  We are well on our way to reaching the goals and dreams we have set forth for our district as we continue to climb our hill of success.  On behalf of my fellow board members, we want to thank each of you, Mr. Watts and our Breathitt County administrators, teachers, staff, students, parents and our constituents.  Thank you for believing in us, our dreams, and our vision for this district.

The hard work, determination, and love that we all have for what we are doing have allowed us to stand here today to accept this generous grant.  Thank you to everyone who helped get us this far.  This grant money is a great blessing for Breathitt County Schools and this community.  We are so excited for the opportunity this money will provide as we reinvest in our students.”


*Photo used from 2021 Flood Footage YouTube video

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