Great Teachers CARE!

The Learning Community

Students enrolled in Mrs. Rena Hamblin's education course, "The Learning Community," are taking the class because they are considering the most challenging and exhilarating career possible....becoming a teacher.  As part of the course, students are learning that entering the profession requires a commitment beyond that often expected in other careers.  In addition to exploring why other people choose to teach, students have been reflecting on their own reasons for thinking about becoming teachers and many have listed the impact of past and/or current teachers as their primary reason for considering the career.  In fact, every student in the class named at least one teacher who had been a positive role model throughout his/her schooling, prompting them to consider becoming an educator themselves.  After watching a recent Ted Talk titled "The One Thing All Great Teachers Do," students agreed with speaker, Nick Fuhrman, that the best teachers CARE because they Celebrate Mistakes, Appreciate Differences, Relay Feedback, and Evaluate Themselves

Today, students began exploring information from various school districts in the state regarding a topic of extreme interest to them.....teacher salaries.  Set up as a scavenger hunt, students were challenged to find out how much a first-year teacher would be paid in Breathitt County as opposed to Perry County, Fayette County, Jefferson County, etc.  Students learned how to navigate various district websites in order to locate the information they were seeking and how to determine teacher pay based on rank and longevity of service. One aspect most all students seemed to agree on was that the majority of teachers truly care about their students and that they do not make enough money for their efforts in educating today’s youth.

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